What We Do

A single unified Platform; to gain near real-time insights into your vendor effectiveness

Based on our WITCloud* Technology, The GPO Collaborator Platform focuses on delivering you dashboards which will provide insight into your individual spend and vendor performance. This is an “as a service” model where you will receive access to vendor discounts and real-time vendor opportunity management processes. Sign up for the whole program through The GPO Collaborator Platform which provides you with consistent real-time information at your fingertips to move your procurement processes to the next level at a minimal annual fee or you can start with the individual modules to get going!

The GPO Collaborator Platform

Features : Analyzes multiple technology stack's with an E2E comparison. Use the platform to negotiate new discount rates based on AI-driven market pricing.
Benefits : Ongoing and Real Time Market Pricing, Decrease your administration burden and find new Qualified Vendor options.

Individual Modules

Procurement Insight

Features: Provides a static view of your current IT Services spend and other options available, to you to optimize your spend.

Benefits: Cost effective, Fast and Concise, One-time analysis allowing you to benchmark at a given point in time.

The Tech Check

Features: A single E2E Tech Stack comparison providing insights to allow you to negotiate a new discounted rate.

Benefits: : Real Time Market Pricing, Fast and Easy comparison tool, Provides multiple qualified vendor options.

The Vendor Rater

Features: Near-real-time Vendor Positioning, Skill Rate Benchmarking.

Benefits: Provides vendor effectiveness and relevance across multiple skill types. Tracks needed requirements for planned and upcoming negotiations.

The SoW Benchmarker

Features: Project Level Comparison of SoWs.

Benefits: Precise analysis of your current and historical Statement of Works (SoW) providing real-time market pricing for your requirements.

The MMM Rater*

Features: The "Master Market" Master Service Agreements Rater (*MMM Rater) Benchmarks your Vendor contracts against the Best Terms and Conditions from all our Vendor Contracts allowing you to review agreements beyond pricing to find the best match for your organization. Use the MMM Rater to find the best terms and conditions to meet your needs and move forward with less fluctuation in your agreements in the future.

Benefits: Actual Market Positioning of T&C’s ready for Real Time Negotiations, Decreased time in negotiation as you move to a Master Market Service Agreement.

*Word, Image, Table Aggregator - Patent pending.

For more information on the The GPO Collaborator Platform or any of the modules, contact us at exec@gpohealthit.com and we will get back to you! Start a Project