Demystify the complexity of IT Procurement

IT Services costs are high and are increasing. The complexity of IT Procurement has been one of the reasons why there has been no answer to the problem of reducing these costs to deliver or enable the technology. There are numerous ways to write an IT Services contract and most clients require a level of customization – i.e. support levels, security, etc. However, most types of IT projects have been delivered before. To capture the varying components of the project can be achieved with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies be used to unravel these contracts.

Why do we need to change?

US Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. Healthcare is looking at every opportunity to lower costs. Savings realized by decreasing your IT Services spend can be injected back into the system to save and improve lives. GPO HEALTH introduces a mechanism to lower prices and transaction costs.

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You can initiate a new project and have current market data every time you want to procure new services or supplement existing ones. Just check out the "GPO Collaborator Platform" and the information you need to start negotiating will be at your fingertips.

Decrease your Vendor Transaction Costs

We are partnering with both our Clients and IT Services Vendors to aggregate IT Services spend and provide transparent industry cost management. We will move to a state of near real time information and a state of continuous improvement. Through our collaborative efforts with both new and established IT Service vendors we will help to deliver more affordable healthcare.
A win/win for all!

Increase your Options and the Quality of your Vendors

Since 1910 when GPO’s were initially formed, there are now over 600 GPO’s in the healthcare industry that focus on a huge range of direct and indirect materials. Until GPO HEALTH, there was not one of these organizations that focused solely on IT Services costs.


The First Price and Quality Comparison Marketplace to provide transparency to the lowest IT Services costs in the Healthcare industry.


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