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One and Only GPO focused solely on IT Services

Since 1910 when GPO’s were initially formed, there are now over 600 GPO’s in the healthcare industry that focus on a huge range of direct and indirect materials. Until GPO HEALTH, there was not one of these organizations that focused solely on IT Services costs.

Real-time visibility into your IT Service spend allowing you to benchmark your spend against average spends.

Spend analysis is a critical first-step to establishing a truly effective procurement organization and presents a major challenge to organizations with limited time and resources. We are the new disruptor providing our members with near real-time visibility into their own IT Service spend and allowing them to benchmark that spend against average spends in their region and the nation. Our members can get a view into current market pricing for their IT Services at any time. By using both historical and in-flight data from both our members and our vendors, along with public data, the GPO Collaborator platform provides our members with tools to drive value, make decisions and drive down their costs. The Vendor Rater module also helps them identify quality resources that are available to start working with them immediately on their project.

Decades of experience
GPO HEALTH is here to disrupt and improve the IT Procurement buying and management process.

Created by a team with decades of experience in IT Procurement, delivering large and complex IT programs in healthcare and other markets and in deployment of Big Data, AI and Analytic solutions, it was a natural fit to create a technology platform and solution to meet the needs of this market. GPO HEALTH is here to disrupt and improve the IT Procurement buying and management process.